Clackamas River Fishing Report May 15, 2016

05/15/2015 – J. W. Snyder – Fish The Clackamas


Clackamas River Fishing Report:


Clackamas river from the mouth to the Mill Dam, regulation area code (122) is set to open for Trout Season this year on May 23, 2015 and runs until October 31, 2015. Daily bag limits of 5 trout per day allowed.


Salmon and Steelhead season on the Clackamas are year round and offer up bag limits of 3 fish per day combined.


See Oregon Sport fishing regulations for closure areas and details on daily catch limits. If you’d like to fish the Clackamas we recommend hiring one of the several Oregon steelhead fishing guides or a spring salmon fishing guide for the best results.


This concludes our Clackamas River Fishing Report.



Clackamas River Fishing Report 03-10-2021



Fishing has been slow the previous weeks, however, it’s beginning to pick up. Anglers can expect to find new fish throughout the system after this recent rain event.

During the winter months, flow and visibility on the Clackamas will be affected by each passing front and change in snow levels.

Local biologist Ben Walczak offers these video tips for steelhead fishing on the Clackamas River.

USGS hydrological data for March 10 shows river levels are at a stage height of 12.94 ft, with a flow of 2,260 cfs. Current water temperature is 42F. All of the readings come from the Estacada gauge near Milo McIver State Park. Hydrologic data and river forecasts can also be accessed on the NOAA/National Weather Service NW River Forecast Center — NW River Forecast CenterLast updated 3/10/21.



There are also opportunities for some catch and release sturgeon fishing on the Columbia River. Currently handful of Northwest sturgeon fishing guides are offering these trips. We recommend Buddy Dupell of Columbia River Fishing Adventures. Give him a call at (503) 490-3099 and book a guided sturgeon fishing trip today.

Clackamas River fishing report 2-25-2021



  • Effective March 1 through August 15, 2021, the two-rod validation is allowed downstream of the Hwy 99E bridge with the following conditions:
    • Is only allowed when open to angling for hatchery Chinook, hatchery steelhead, trout, or warmwater gamefish.  
    • Is not allowed when fishing for sturgeon.
    • Youth anglers under 12 years of age may use 2 rods in these areas without purchasing the Two-Rod Angling Validation.

Clackamas River Fishing Report





CLACKAMAS RIVER: spring Chinook, summer steelhead

Steelhead fishing conditions saw further improvement in the last week during the pleasant spring-like temperatures and decent flows. The river is currently fishable. Expect to find a few early summer steelhead around as well as maybe a spring Chinook in the mix. The best success has been in the early morning and later evening hours when the sunlight is off the water. Oregon salmon fishing guides have reports a few spring Chinook have been trapped at PGE’s sorting facility above Estacada; however, those fish have been all wild origin. Steelhead are scattered throughout the river.

The level of the river is now holding up at 11.88ft. at the Estacada Gauge, and is on a steady drop. The color of the river is looking classic “steelhead green” and will only continue to improve for fishing opportunities.


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Clackamas River Fishing Report October 28, 2016


Clackamas River Fishing Report:


The Coho season on the Clackamas has hit it’s peak, with a couple thousand Coho at the Eagle Creek hatchery since last week. There is expected to be some late run fish coming in, but the majority of the fish have made it back, plus it will be hard for sport anglers to gain access.


See Oregon Sport fishing regulations for closure areas and details on daily catch limits.

A viable opportunity is to hire one of our Northwest walleye fishing guides for a Columbia river walleye fishing trip.

This concludes our Clackamas River Fishing Report.